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Power Elite Playbook


The Power Elite Playbook is a series of articles by Deanna Spingola that describe America’s devastating foreign and domestic policies, designed for the Elite by the Elite and their multitude of minions according to a specific agenda that many have actually exposed, as if to taunt us with their ever-increasing power. Our Constitutional values have been discarded by the very individuals who falsely swear to uphold them – Elite-installed, self-serving Washington officials who cater to corporate lobbyists at freedom’s expense.


History is prologue! Elite tactics are invariable! By examining previous, Elite-orchestrated situations and events like false-flag operations, genocidal wars, and planned economic catastrophes, the astute observer may follow the money and motives and perceive the machinations behind contemporary events and discover distinct patterns that connect the characteristic dots that the Elite leave behind in their bloody, body-filled trek into the New World Order. With adequate knowledge and responsible response, perhaps we might halt their satanic quest.




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 The Power Elite Playbook, Promoting War - Part I

 The Power Elite Playbook, Viet Nam, a Prototype - Part II

 The Power Elite Playbook, Creating & Controlling Chaos: Part III  

 The Power Elite Playbook, the Anglo-American Chessboard - Part IV

 The Power Elite Playbook, Bankers & Their Bombers: Part V

 The Power Elite Playbook, Population Reduction Through Genocide - Part VI

The Power Elite Playbook, Killing the Competitors: Part VII

 The Power Elite Playbook, Viet Nam - Democratized and Ready to Plunder: Part VIII

The Power Elite Playbook, Viet Nam - Plundered: Part IX

The Power Elite Playbook, Government by Gunpoint: Part X

The Power Elite Platebook, Recruiting Willing Puppets: Part XI

The Power Elite Playbook, Beating the Oil War Drums: Part XII


The Power Elite Playbook, Oil War One, 1914-1918: Part XIII

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