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Writing in Ron Paul

Ed Haas

Writing in Ron Paul

December 24, 2007 – Presidential hopeful Congressman Ron Paul does not need to win the republican nomination to earn my vote.  He does not need to win the nomination to earn your vote either.  I am voting for Ron Paul for President of the United States regardless of whether he wins his party’s nomination or not.  Imagine that!  It’s called the Ron Paul Factor!  The fools at Fox News might want to take note.  They just cannot stop the Ron Paul vote.

Many in the corporate media, most at the direction of their handlers, have attempted repeatedly to write Congressman Paul out of the script.  First they tried to ignore him, hoping he would just fade away.  But as his support grew, the corporate media knew that its bias would be seen as obviously blatant if they did not cover the Paul campaign.  So they conceded, and proceeded to cover the candidate almost always in a negative light.  CNN’s Glenn Beck, much to my surprise, recently proved to be an exception to the rule by conducting what I thought was a fair and thoughtful hour-long interview with Ron Paul.  On the other hand, the obnoxious bore, or boar if you prefer, Tim Russert from Meet the Press is the latest Ron Paul interviewer that did his best to portray Paul negatively. 

Russert, along with many of his peers, simply cannot fathom a small federal government by the people, nor do they recognize the value of state rights.  No doubt, Big Russ’s boy has demonstrated once again that he fears power in the people’s hands.  He is a blind disciple of corporatism and favors big centralized federal government, along with virtually every other corporate news media pundit and personality. It truly is a tragic American commentary. 

If the corporate media succeeds in convincing enough voters to vote for one of its media created candidates like McCain or Huckabee, and Ron Paul does not win the nomination; no worries, I’m still voting for him by writing his name in.  It’s that simple.  As the power elite continue to write Ron Paul out, we the people will write Ron Paul in. 

Some Ron Paul supporters might consider it too early in the process to be talking about a grassroots write-in campaign.  After all, Paul quite possibly could win the nomination.  Nobody can really know until actual primary votes have been tallied.  But after Super Tuesday on February 5, 2008, we’ll have a pretty good idea whether the Paul campaign should be moving in another direction.  Time will tell.

However, and much to my surprise, many younger Ron Paul supporters are not aware of the fact that they can still vote for Ron Paul for President, whether he wins the republican nomination or not.  Paul does not need to run as an independent, or as a Libertarian.  He does not even have to be on the ballot.  It is worth noting that the Libertarian Party has been courting Paul somewhat carefully, with sources telling the Muckraker Report that the LP has already guaranteed Paul ballot access in 46 states if he were to run as a Libertarian.  I doubt Paul would do this.  If anything, he’d run as an Independent, or as a write-in candidate.  What Paul supporters need to realize is that with the support already behind his candidacy, a write-in campaign is in deed viable.  It’s never too early to consider the possibilities and develop a plan. 

History provides us with instances when write-in campaigns have been successful. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina was elected in 1954 to the United States Senate as a write-in candidate.  Thurmond had a strong team of support behind him in 1954.  Ron Paul’s nationwide support is comparable in enthusiasim and work ethic.  It can be done! 

Diebold screen

So how do you do it?  Electronic Voting Machines now used across this nation do provide a write-in option.  The way to write-in a candidate’s name is with the keypad.  You just type in the name.  Many states have removed the none of the above option from electronic ballots.  I learned this voting in South Carolina during the 2004 election.  I was quite disturbed by this, because I frequently cast votes for none of the above.  I no longer vote for the better of evils.  To combat this intrusion, in any race that I did not have a candidate that I supported, I simply clicked on “write-in candiate” and typed in none of the above.  It’s that easy! 

The majority of electronic voting machines in use today are manufactured by one of four companies: Diebold Election Systems; Election Systems and Software (ES&S); Hart InterCivic; and Sequoia Voting Systems.  Each has write-in features.

For example, using Diebold, select “Write-In Candidate” and separately type the name of each person you want to write-in, and then select "Record Write-In." The normal voting screen will return and the name you entered will appear as the choice for that particular race. Touch "Back" to review previous pages.  The other voting machines have similar features.  In South Carolina, the Election Systems and Software (ES&S) iVotronic system is used and employees a similar write-in protocol.  If while voting, you cannot figure out how to cast a “write-in” vote, ask for help from the poll workers.  If the write-in feature is not on your voting machine, demand a paper ballot. 

Remember, the reason why the powerbrokers and the corporate media find Ron Paul so offensive is because he does not, and cannot fit into their cookie cutter mold.  Hell, he even speaks candidly about Israel – without apology.  Imagine that!  A president not owned by the lobby.  He is what they call unconventional, which actually means they cannot comprehend or understand his appeal.  The fervor of Ron Paul supporters actually scares them.  I say let them be scared!  They’ve been scaring the American people long enough.  It’s time to return the favor by blowing their doors in and blowing their minds by electing Ron Paul as President of the United States of America! 

The poll above allows one vote per computer.  Although not scientific, it does prevent spamming the results.  Please encourage all known Ron Paul supporters to vote in this poll.  Imagine millions of supporters going on record and indicating they will cast a “write-in” vote for Ron Paul if he does not win or is denied the nomination!  Imagine, all next year the corporate media will have to preface their presidential predictions with an asterisk – The Ron Paul Factor!  It’s called a Revolution for a reason.

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