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World Trade Center Building 7 demands tenacious public scrutiny

World Trade Center Building 7 demands tenacious public scrutiny


February 23, 2006 – The number of Americans that do not believe the federal government’s official account of what happened in New York City on September 11, 2001 is rapidly increasing.  What is interesting about the persistence of the ongoing 9/11 debates is that unlike other instances in American history when public opinion was not in step with official government findings and eventually faded away into obscurity, public opinion regarding the 9/11 Commission Report has actually emerged from the realm of conspiracy theory, and elevated itself into the context of credentialed, scientific analysis.  Today, former, high-ranking government officials[1] and esteemed scholars[2] from key disciplines are lining up against the official government account of September 11, 2001 as described in the 9/11 Commission Report.

If the objective of 9/11 skeptics and critics is to expose a federal level cover-up, or worse, a militarized coup d'état designed to significantly weaken or destroy the government so that those government officials and federal agents involved could establish a perpetual state of emergency while securing enough public support to declare martial law and make war, then the process of uncovering the truth and thrusting it into the mainstream media, which is currently content with the official government report, will require countermeasures that meet and exceed the effectiveness of the existing cover-up measures. 


Of all the cover-up techniques employed by those intending to perpetrate and perpetuate a fraud upon others, distraction is the weapon of choice and most effective tool when attempting to keep secrets, secret.  When considering 9/11 in its entirety, it is easy to become distracted by the overwhelming volume of inconsistencies in the official government findings, as well as the lack of evidence and handling of evidence by the government.  If FEMA, the CIA and FBI, along with the White House, did not intend to appear suspicious and even culpable in their handling of 9/11, they should have because they did such an outstanding job at creating the impression that the federal government had something to hide from the American people.  Secrecy is a distraction meant to get people to focus on that which they perceive rather than what they see. 


When reading 9/11 conspiracy theories, particularly those associated with the Pentagon, great emphasis is placed on what we do not see.  For many, the complete absence of a debris field or any notable and identifiable remains of an American Airlines Boeing 757 on the lawn of the Pentagon’s west wall, serves as evidence that something else occurred at 9:37am EST on September 11, 2001 at the Pentagon then what the government and the 9/11 Commission has reported.  Despite the fact that the federal government has sealed all public access to any debris and physical evidence collected at the Pentagon, when considered in the context of all the other inconsistencies and peculiar behavior of the federal government’s handling of 9/11, it is easy to see that if there is in fact a cover-up or coup d'état to uncover here, then the perpetrators of the fraud, which would amount to treason and mass murder, have resorted to lack-of-information overload to distract the public from uncovering the truth.  As long as the American people skeptical of the official government account keep staring at pictures and pointing at things that are not there, the guilty will escape justice. 

Video footage of WTC-7 collapse

Let’s assume that there is at least a cover-up by the Bush Administration and agents within the intelligence, law enforcement, and military communities of the federal government.  What tactic should we take to break the chain of deception the government has wrapped around our necks?  When held captive by the chains of deception, the only way to break free is to find the weakest link and then, with all the might that can be mustered, shatter it.  When looking at all the evidence, and lack there of, pertaining to 9/11, the weakest link in the government’s account is World Trade Center Building 7.  If the American people really want to expose a felony fraud that would most definitely result in the public execution of government agents and officials for the crimes of treason and mass murder, then there needs to be a full force frontal offensive on WTC-7.  For if the federal government’s account of WTC-7 fails, all of the 9/11 Commission Report and virtually every element of the Bush Administration’s policies since 9/11 becomes highly vulnerable to failure also.  Therefore, what is needed right now, is a persistent, tenacious, singleness of purpose, public inquiry into how and why WTC-7 collapsed at 5:20pm EST on September 11, 2001. 


Click on map for larger view.

WTC-7 had 47 floors and was 570 feet in height.  Construction began on WTC-7 in 1984.  In March of 1987, WTC-7 opened for occupancy.  On September 11, 2001 WTC-7 leased office space to the United States Secret Service, the Department of Defense, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Central Intelligence Agency. Of all the buildings that comprised the World Trade Center Complex, located on the sixteen-acre World Trade Center Plaza, WTC-7 was the furthest distance from both the North and South Twin Towers.  An aircraft did not hit WTC-7 on September 11th.  When the twin towers collapsed, because of its distance from them, WTC-7 sustained no remarkable damage from falling debris. 

Click on picture for larger view.

Picture of WTC-7 fires at 3:00pm EST

WTC-7 did have visible office fires that burned throughout the afternoon of 9/11.  Pictures show the WTC-7 fires as isolated, primarily between the 6th and 12th floors on the south side of the building.  Specific information about the office fires is very limited because no firefighters were fighting the fires in WTC-7.  Because of the greater needs presented by the collapse of the Twin Towers, the New York Fire Department decided, based on its resources available, to let WTC-7 burn.

Interstate Bank in Los Angeles (1988)

This fire DID NOT damage the steel superstructure.

WTC-7 is the only known steel structured building to have reportedly collapsed as the result of a fire.  When photographs of the WTC-7 fires are compared to pictures of other steel skyscraper fires that look like infernos in comparison to the fires of WTC-7, it is nearly impossible to believe that these other skyscrapers did not collapse due to fire, if the WTC-7 account is truthful.  WTC-7 collapsed straight downward, exactly as a building does during a controlled demolition.  For WTC-7 to have collapsed the way it did using the government’s account of fire as the cause requires that the fires between the 6th and 12th floors to have somehow and miraculously weakened all of the load-bearing walls of this 47-story structure, simultaneously, so that each of the load-bearing walls could and would fail at exactly the same moment, allowing the structure to collapse directly on top of its footprint. 

WTC-7 during collapse

Click on picture of larger view

According to the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a non-partisan association of faculty, students, and scholars, in fields as diverse as history, science, military affairs, psychology, and philosophy, dedicated to exposing falsehoods and revealing the truth behind 9/11, WTC-7 had fifty-eight perimeter columns and 25 core columns.  In order for WTC-7 to sink into its footprint, all of the core columns and all of the perimeter columns would have to be broken in the same split-second. 


In less than seven seconds after WTC-7 began to implode, all that remained of this 47-story, modernly engineered and constructed steel structure was a pile of rubble.  The pile of rubble centered tightly around the vertical axis of the former building.  47 stories of concrete and steel were reduced to a rubble pile less than 2 stories high, and practically the entire rubble pile was found to be neatly within the footprint of the former building. 

Larry Silverstein, the controller of the World Trade Center Complex, stated plainly on a PBS documentary that he and the FDNY decided jointly to demolish WTC-7 in the afternoon of September 11, 2001.  Here is what Silverstein said. 


“I remember getting a call from the ER, Fire Department Commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, ‘We’ve has such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.’  And they made the decision to pull and we watched the building collapse.” 


It was Silverstein’s usage of the term ‘pull it’ that has spurred much of the speculation that WTC-7 was brought down via controlled explosive devises.  Silverstein has since attempted to cover his tracks by claiming that what he was referring to was ‘pulling’ the firefighters out of WTC-7, even though there were no firefighters fighting the office fires in WTC-7.  Silverstein knows the truth, and should be intensely interrogated, Guantanamo Bay style if necessary, in an effort to extract the admission from him that WTC-7 was pre-wired for demolition.  With such an admission and a confession of evidence whereabouts that would stand up in a criminal proceeding, the rest of the unanswered and unfathomable questions that persist regarding 9/11 will be heard once again, but this time, answered outside the control of the federal government and its agents.


It's time for the truth regarding WTC-7 to be told to the American people.


[1] See Las Vegas Tribune, Official 9/11 Story Disputed by Experts, Witnesses, Tribune Media Group, Marcus K Dalton, July 29, 2005, http://lasvegastribune.com/20050729/headline3.html, [Accessed February 21, 2006]

[2] See Scholars for 9/11 Truth, http://scholarsfor911truth.org, [Accessed February 3, 2006]

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